Our Products


PolyCore is a patented water-based polymer coating, when applied increases protection against abrasion by over 500%. PolyCore’s application technique uses a roller press to push PolyCore into the base cloth fibers. Any abrasion to the face will not penetrate through to the back of the product. PolyCore is 100% environmentally friendly coating that enhances products durability and functionality.

PolyCore Light

PolyCore Light was created to replace solvent-based coatings. PolyCore Light is a complete one to one comparison against solvent-based coatings in performance, abrasion resistance, and cost. PolyCore Light does not release volatile organic compounds that damage the ozone layer, (direct component to climate change). PolyCore Light’s water-based PU is 100% environmentally friendly coating which will help increase sustainability and reduce environmental impact.

Spot Welding

Spot-Welding is applying PolyCore to specific, high abrasion areas that need more reinforcement. PolyCore is applied onto a film and heat transferred into selected areas on the face of the product. Each Spot-Welding piece is handcrafted to meet the highest standard of abrasion resistance and is shipped to the doorstep of any cut and sew shop.